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SRECO Flexible…the industry innovator for over 75 years

Seventy-Five and More Than Alive...
Since 1932, SRECO Flexible has been providing pipe cleaning solutions favored by municipalities, contractors and government agencies worldwide.  Our focus has been to deliver premium-built equipment along with the service and support our customers and end-users deserve.

In the early 1930’s, Harry R. Crane founded Flexible Sewer Rod Equipment Company which manufactured plumbing specialties. Among their product lines were 5/16 x 36” sectional steel rods that could be outfitted with various attachments for cleaning mainline sewers. This innovation is said to have brought sewer workers out of the manhole into a safer environment above ground. From there, the first rod power drive was developed and patented. The product line has expanded to include bucketing machines, high power rodding machines and high power flushing machines.

The company is known today as Sreco Flexible Inc., an industry innovator which has continuously served the marketplace for over 75 years. During our long history, we have consistently created, developed and expanded our product line to address the needs of sewer cleaning and video pipe inspection workers in both domestic and international markets.

Our latest product innovation occurred in 2007 with the introduction of the Versa Vac 1000 PD, a robustly built hydro-excavator.. This trailer mounted machine is designed to help contractors and municipalities safely uncover pipelines and other items buried underground.

At SRECO Flexible Inc., we appreciate what it takes to maintain strength and durability in the marketplace and will always strive to maintain the confidence and trust of our customers.