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Bucket Machines

For decades, SRECO Flexible has been the vendor of choice for mechanical sewer cleaning solutions. We offer a wide variety of Mechanical and Hydraulically Operated Bucket Machines, custom-built to suit your needs.

Below are featured some of our most popular units. For a complete listing of available models, standard features, options and accessories, contact us.

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Bucket Machine
The only positive way to remove all debris in larger sewer lines from Manhole to manhole is with SRECO-Flexible Bucket Machines.

Our mechanical bucket machines are designed with a variety of types of sizes to get the job done properly. The chassis construction of the Pull In and Truck Loader includes rugged channel base frames and I-Beam uprights for strength.

Each unit is equipped with a retractable swivel wheel and two leaf spring mounted wheels with pneumatic tires. Retractable leveling legs include a rack and pinion raising mechanism with positive lock.