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Versa Vac 1000The multi-purpose Vacuum-Hydro Excavator you want for your fleet. This feature rich machine is ideal for municipalities and industrial contractors alike.

Use the Versa Vac for cleaning debris from sanitary and storm sewer manholes, clean catch basins and uncover underground pipes or utility cables. Potholing, slot trenching and grease skimming from disposal digesters are just a few of the many other applications where this air conveyance technology can be utilized.


The Versa Vac is 1400 CFM driven by an 80 horse diesel power plant.


Unit features a fully hydraulic boom with single pendant or wireless remote control and 40’ of rigid tube.


System decants while vacuuming. You can monitor tank fill progress by viewing one of three liquid level sight glasses. Unit is equipped with a rear mounted retractable reel with 50’ of 3/8” hose.

  • 15 feet of vacuum pull depth
  • 4 gpm / 3500 psi water pump
  • 1,000 gallon debris tank

Debris Tank

The Versa Vac is a dual axle machine with a total tank size of 1000 gallons. An integral head sections off 200 gallons for fresh water for the high pressure water system and 800 gallons or approximately 4 cubic yards of spoils /debris.

Axles hydraulically adjust in order to best distribute load and tongue weight for stability during transport.

Tank Lift / Full Opening Door

A dual acting hydraulic cylinder raises the tank for dumping and two dual acting hydraulic cylinders are used to fully open the rear head. The hydraulic vibrator used while dumping allows even the most stubborn solids to be removed from the tank.

High Pressure Water System

A triplex plunger pump system is hydraulically driven and rated at 4 GPM/ 3500 PSI. An automatic unloader valve allows quick stop and start of the handgun. A bypass valve lets you set the pressure from 0 to 3500 psi.

Available Options:

  • Hydraulic door latches
  • Hydraulic boom extension
  • Antifreeze protection system
  • Wireless remote control

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