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rodder_truckSRECO Flexible, one of the most highly recognized names in the manufacturing of sewer cleaning products for the wastewater collection systems industry, is pleased to present its powerful Truck and Trailer Mounted Robotic Rodding Machines.

SRECO robotic rodders are the sewer maintenance professionals hands-free rodders of choice. The advantage of the robotic system is that the unit performs the function of cleaning with the correct preset pressure and provides continual forward and reverse lateral movement of the sewer rod. This movement insures that the tool is free from obstructions and is rotating with the rod, thus eliminating rod over torque.

Conserve Precious Resources...Save water and reduce energy costs with mechanical rodding. Our versatile non-jetting approach to root cutting and debris removal gives sewer cleaning pros an environmentally friendly advantage over conventional high-pressure water tools.

Robotic Sewer Rodders are available in trailer mounted, truck mounted, sectional and continuous types of machines.

Designed to increase efficiency and improve performance, SRECO robotic rodding also provides cost-savings during the working year by lessening the rod breakage encountered with mechanical or semi-automatic operated rodders.

Equipment Highlights

  • Technologically advanced design features double robotics for greater operator control and safety
  • Millennium Head™ provides expanded access for performing routine preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Hands-Free operation

With a hands-free system there are no buttons to push, levers to move or decisions to make. Total automation of your sewer cleaning system is obtained. Because of this, your inexperienced operators can become proficient and experienced operators increase their performance in the field.

SRECO rodders can be equipped with a variety of cutting blades and cleaning tools for optimum cleaning versatility.

Sectional and continuous rod is available, including our famous Blu-Steel® Sectional rod.

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