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Quality tools and accessories are essential to keep today’s sewer maintenance crews proficient.

Sreco Flexible offers a large selection of premium tools for any type of wastewater pipeline cleaning machine. Whether it is for bucket machines, rodding machines, or jetters you’ll get long tool life from Sreco’s durable quality engineered tools and accessories.

For Bucket Machines (Click Here to See Complete Listing)

Specialized tools for bucket machines include single or double ended clamshell buckets, squeegee scrapers and pull type porcupines. Adjustable roller yoke assemblies and a variety of manhole pipe adapters are able to address virtually any situation your bucket machine crew may encounter.

For Mechanical Rodding Equipment (Click Here to See Complete Listing)

Sreco Flexible is the undisputable leader in rodding machine design and construction. It stands to reason that our rodding tools are simply the best. Sectional and continuous rod is available including our famous BLU Steel sectional rod.  Our heat treated root saws and selecto blades are a great investment. They offer longer user life and effective cutting of roots and hard grease.

For High Pressure Jetting Units (Click Here to See Complete Listing)

We also carry a wide variety of jetter nozzles to address a variety of pipeline cleaning needs. Our water powered Gofer high torque cutting unit can be outfitted with a variety of quick change skids and attachments to remove some of the most stubborn line blocking objects.

With over 75 years of serving the wastewater industry, Sreco Flexible Inc. has long been recognized as the operators’ choice when a solid return on investment is sought.